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“My God is my Rock” Psalm 18:2

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Retreat Options

Christian Mindfulness Retreats can be hosted in suitable UK venues as a Retreat Day option or Four Day Intensive.

A Retreat Day is focused on guided Christian Mindfulness meditations, Lectio Divina Scripture Meditation (and how this relates to mindful awareness of God), silence, personal prayer, journaling and reflection. Some teaching will be included during the day but the emphasis is primarily on practice of Christian Mindfulness meditation.  If you are interested in a day with more teaching content see here for the Day Workshop option.

In a busy and often stressful world why not draw aside and refuel your spiritual tank?  Bring fresh focus in your relationship with God and find renewal in the power of the Holy Spirit.

Here are some examples of how the Retreat Day material can work best:

Typical Retreat Day Format

Session 1: 9.30am to 11am - Settling in the Presence of God

Session 2: 11.30am to 1pm - Enjoying the Peace of God in your heart

Session 3: 2pm to 3.30pm - Dwelling, Resting and Abiding in Christ

For more information on the Four Day Intensive Option please email