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FREE Online Course Session Access

“Introducing Christian Mindfulness”

The Christian Mindfulness Online Course is available in Six Sessions plus a FREE Introductory Online Session which is available to access now. There is also a new Bonus Session available.  See below for full details.

The Online Course is available in 3 Packages - Bronze, Silver or Gold. These packages include access to a large variety of meditations via password login. More details here.

The Free Session includes visuals, biblical content, guided self awareness and God awareness meditations, informative video clips, Questions for Reflection and a suggested programme for Daily Prayer, Meditation and Mindfulness.  See below for instructions on how to access the FREE Session.

By signing up below you will also gain access to the FREE Introductory Session for the Christian Contemplation Online Course.

Length Of Free Session - Approximately 45 minutes.

Please read all of the following instructions before proceeding

1. Click on “Sign Up” in the log in box below and follow the instructions carefully.

2. You will receive an activation email from Serif.  You must click on the link in this email to activate your account.

3. Once you have activated your account you can log in at through the Log In below.

4. After you have logged in you will be re-directed to the Session Access Links page.  Click on the Free Session Access Link to view the Free Session.

If you have already signed up then use the log in details provided.

If you have already purchased the six session online course you will be able to access the appropriate session once you have received a confirmation email.