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“My God is my Rock” Psalm 18:2

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The variety of course formats available means that you can enjoy the Online Course at home or you can attend a Presented Course in a group setting.  The Day Workshop involves three sessions with an optional Question and Answer Session.  The Retreat Day offers more space for personal prayer, meditation and reflection.

The Online Course can be studied on its own, after a Day Workshop or to supplement the Presented Course.  The Presented Course lasts for Nine Sessions in total. Click on the buttons above for more details.

Christian Mindfulness sessions can also be adapted for use in a variety of other settings such as Schools, Prisons or CPD Training in Counselling Centres.

NEW CHRISTIAN CONTEMPLATION COURSE Online Course Day Workshop Retreat Day Presented Course

Prayer, Meditation and Mindfulness

Course Formats

The course Prayer, Meditation and Mindfulness is available in four main formats -