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Christian Contemplation - MP3 Meditation Downloads

Christian Contemplation Meditations include a variety of self-awareness and God awareness approaches.  The aim is to grow in your relationship with Father, Son and Holy Spirit

The following 19 mp3 download files are only available as part of the Gold package option for the Christian Contemplation Online Course.  See here.

Longing Love Meditation

Lectio Divina Mark 4:35-41

Peace Be Still! Meditation

Lectio Divina Psalm 121

Lectio Divina Song of Songs 8

“I am your beloved” Meditation

Compassionate Breathing Meditation

[30 minutes]

Compassionate Body Scan Meditation

[38 minutes]

Prayer Meditation ‘Father I say YES to your

loving-kindness’ [15 minutes]

Lectio Divina Psalm 51

Prayer Meditation “Who am I? I am one

loved by Christ”

Abba Prayer Meditation [15 minutes]

Extended Abba Prayer Meditation

[Length 30 minutes]

Welcoming Prayer Meditation

Meditation of the Beloved

[Length 30 minutes]

Centring Prayer (20 Minutes Silence Version)

Resting in God Meditation

Extended Resting in God Meditation

Presence Meditation