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Toward a Reformed Theology of self awareness - Click here.

Blog, Links and Recommendations

A Book Of Sparks | Shaun Lambert

This is a 40 day reflection on the Gospel of Mark and includes many nuggets of mindfulness wisdom from a Christian Perspective.  Shaun is Pastor at Stanmore Baptist Church and is currently studying a Phd in Mindfulness.

Mindfulness | Mark Williams and Danny Penman

One of the best books available on secular mindfulness.  Mark Williams is a retired Professor from Oxford University and an ordained Anglican.  Danny Penman is a journalist and author.  For more details see

The Why Question | Graham Cooke

We don’t always get an answer to our Why questions this side of heaven.

In this open and honest article Graham shares his own experience of grief and loss and how he moved through his own pain to a place of acceptance and trust in God.

The Why Question

Mind & Soul Website

“In many churches and health-care settings Christianity and mental health are kept deliberately separate. Mental health is rarely discussed in our churches and Christian spirituality is seen as having little to offer the world of psychology. At Mind and Soul we are seeking to bridge this gap and provide a place of integration for orthodox Christianity and high quality psychology and psychiatry.”

Christian Mindfulness Blog

By Richard H H Johnston

Reconnecting your inner life with God

“Christians should not get depressed”?

Mindfulness: Avoiding some of the pitfalls

Q&A Blog on Mindfulness and Christianity

Lectio Divina and Mindfulness of God

Awake My Soul

A Poem for World Mental Health Day

Non-Judgmentalism and Christian Mindfulness

Does God Cry?

Mindfulness and the grieving process

Christian Mindfulness and Awareness

Some Reflections On Union With Christ

The Value of Self Acceptance and Self Compassion

New Time and the Father

Audio Message by Richard H H Johnston exploring the healing power of knowing God as Father (2002 @ Gerrard St Baptist, Aberdeen, UK)

Developing Spiritual Awareness by Richard Johnston

In this audio message from Liberty Church Dunfermline Richard explores how we can develop greater awareness of Presence, Peace and Perfect Love.

Length: 28 Minutes

Dare To Believe by Richard Johnston

In this audio message from Liberty Church Dunfermline Richard explores how we can apply the law which says “Love your neighbour as you love yourself”

Length: 29 Minutes

Dare To Believe