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“My God is my Rock” Psalm 18:2

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Christian Mindfulness Online Course

Six Session Online Course: Package Options

For Best Value See the Double Bronze, Double Silver & Double Gold Options Below


Total Price £59

Total Price £79

Total Price £120

SIX months log in Access to Six Session Online Course for one individual

Access to Free Additional Session "Introducing Christian Mindfulness"

Access to New Bonus Session "Overcoming Depression" [Length 32 minutes]

Technical support by email

Exclusive Log in Access to an Additional Menu of Advanced Meditations worth £35 see here for details

Pdf copy of “Introducing Christian Mindfulness” by Richard H H Johnston worth £4.99 see here

13 Pdf Meditation Scripts to download worth £35 see here for details

Exclusive Login Access to ALL Lectio Divina Meditations, worth £35. See here for details.

14 Mp3 Meditation Downloads Usually £15 (150 minutes).  See here for details

Mindfulness Practice Review Calls - 3 x 10 minute calls by appointment worth £45 See here for details.  These MPR calls are not included in the Double Gold option below.

Total Price £59

Approx. US $75

Total Price £79

Approx. US $99

Total Price £120

Approx US $149

Christian Mindfulness

+ Christian Contemplation

Get the TWO Online Courses together at a Discounted Price.  See here for what's included in the Contemplation Course options.

NB When you purchase any Double Package you get 12 months access to the Online Course Sessions (not just 6 months)

Total Price £99

Approx. US $129

Total Price £129

Approx. US $165

Total Price £199

Approx US $249

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Looking for the Certificate in Christian Mindfulness? The Accredited Version of the Online Course is offered in partnership with the Institute of Counselling:

Online Course Details for the Bronze, Silver or Gold Packages

Prayer, Meditation and Mindfulness is available as a Six Session Online Course (session topics listed below).  Each session is in the form of a video presentation including slides, visuals, biblical content, guided self-awareness and God awareness meditations, questions for reflection and a suggested weekly meditation programme.

The Bronze, Silver or Gold Package options above offer the best value for money and give you 6 months access - to view the online course via password login.  To purchase the package of your choice click on the appropriate Buy Now button. Access to each session is provided on completion of the previous session, except session 1 where access is provided after purchase. Downloads of the online course are not available to purchase.  

Bulk access discount options are available here.  For more information on Meditation Scripts click here. For Advanced Meditations click here.  For Meditation MP3s click here.  For Mindfulness Practice Review Calls click here.

“An extended period of illness led me to seek new and deeper ways of engaging with God’s Word and being open to the Holy Spirit as I sought healing for myself. I found an answer in Christian Mindfulness…Having completed the six-week course I have found it both encouraging and helpful in deepening my prayer life.”

Rev David Redmayne, Minister, Beath and Cowdenbeath North Church of Scotland

"I wanted to write and thank you for the wonderful course you have put together. I first stumbled across mindfulness in searching for something to help me cope with anxiety, and as I wasn't completely sure about the foundations of secular mindfulness I was really interested to find a course that had Christianity as its heart. Whilst it hasn't 'cured' my anxiety, mindfulness has become a tool which really helps me calm my mind and find God in stillness - something I see as part of my life now rather than a temporary fix. I have really benefited from each of the teaching sessions and meditations, particularly the ones based on contemplative prayer."

It is possible to purchase a one month access pass for a single session if you prefer.  Cost £12 each (see below).

The sessions available are as follows -

Session Access Links

Once you have purchased from the above menu you will receive a confirmation e mail (normally within 24 hours of purchase) with further information. If you have not received a confirmation e mail please check your spam folder in case your settings have filtered out the confirmation email.  You will then be able to Sign In and click on the appropriate access link.  If you have purchased the Six Session Online Course please take seven days per session and request access to the next session on completion of your current session.  This includes completion of the 7 day meditation programme which is included at the end of each session.  If you complete each weekly meditation programme you will gain maximum benefit from the material.

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